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LORD 2 - Rebirth
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Welcome to the Home of LORD 2 Rebirth

What is LORD 2 Rebirth -
LORD 2 Rebirth is an effort of mine to re-make the old bbs game Legend of the Red Dragon 2 in a graphical tile based RPG.  Right now the project is just in the planning phase and I need help. I really just need two people (or two divisions). I need help with the graphical ends of things and someone who know detailed information about LORD 2. I need to know all the enemies, all the secret areas, everything that characters say, etc.  My goal is to first re-create the game and then maybe make a new game off of the remake with a touch of my own flavor...and anyone else who wants to contribute. Please contact me at if you are interested in helping. If you are I look forward to hearing from you.

Help Needed -
--- LORD and LORD 2 advisor
--- Tile based graphics
--- Music and Sound


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